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Hamid Torabpour


Hamid has been writing his entire life. He has written 10 feature-length scripts (one of which was optioned in LA) and 3 Television pilots.

Hamid, along with his production company, Winter State Entertainment is currently in production on his next 2 Feature film.

Hamid lives in Southern Minnesota with his wife, Camille and 4 kids. He has a passion for writing and producing. He loves Jesus and strives to make high quality projects that reflect his faith and passion. 

Elijah is the epic Biblical story following Elijah as he is called by God to confront King Ahab and and the wicked Queen Jezebel as they battle for the hearts and minds of the God's chosen people.








the social campaign

(Los Angeles, CA) – When high school history teacher, Kevin Kash, decides to run for President of the United States, most of his family thinks it’s a big joke – but Facebook and Twitter have other things to say as Kash's unlikely campaign propels him to the head of the presidential sweepstakes, threatening the power bases of both political parties and resulting in a lively and unexpected campaign for president. That’s the premise of a new film scheduled to go into production this fall entitled "The Social Campaign" and planned for release during the real live American presidential campaign of 2016, producers have announced.

The unplanned and unlikely presidential race originates when Kash’s teenaged daughter creates him a Facebook page, announcing his presidential bid, making him an instant social media hit, receiving 80,000 likes overnight. Kash quickly realizes that what felt like an impossible dream, might actually be a possibility using social media.

The film is produced by Winterstate Films, the company behind the recently completed film “To Say Goodbye” and was written by Hamid Torabpour.

"Most of the people my age are disengaged from politics," said Torabpour, "and they don't think their voices can make a difference. I wanted to write a movie that would show that social media has changed the rules of the game and with the dawn of the age of instant notoriety online come many opportunities for good as well."

The film is scheduled to begin filming in Minnesota this fall.


To Say Goodbye

"To Say Goodbye" Teaser Trailer "The Actor's Take" A Message on Suicide "To Say Goodbye" - Theatrical TrailerEmbed Video Blog by v2.5 a journey through learning how to live life beyond losing someone we love. We follow Will Martin, as he struggles to hold on after his wife’s sudden suicide turns his life upside down.Through his healing, Will searches to find a way to say goodbye.

Most everyone has been touched by someone who has taken their own life; and that is devastating. We hope to film this movie locally and then get it out to senior/junior high schools around the country along with any other organization that can use this film at no cost to them..

We want people to know they are valued and that no matter how hard life is – every breath provides another opportunity for things to turn around.